Velasco Site

Texas Innovate’s proposed C40 downtown Houston, TX, site is adjacent to Buffalo Bayou.

Texas Innovates Proposed Velasco Site

The Velasco Incinerator Site is a former incinerator that operated in the 1930s to 1950s located East of downtown Houston and South of Buffalo Bayou. It is adjacent to Velasco Street and several Metro bus routes. It is located less than two miles from a City of Houston Metro Rail station, and approximately 10 minutes from downtown Houston, Harris County, Texas.

The City of Houston believes the site to be an optimal location for development to improve local and regional environmental quality, improve residents’ safety, promote the site’s heritage, and highlight the city’s sustainability efforts at a highly visible location. Redeveloping the site will support local economic development objectives.
Having recently suffered from floodwaters, pounding rains, and landfalls during hurricane Harvey, the City sees this competition as an excellent opportunity for private actors to help the city develop environmental innovation, specifically in the field of  storms and flood resilient infrastructures and buildings.