Brandon Iglesias

Founder and Operations Director at Texas Innovates BoD, Secretary

Brandon co-founded the Carbon Center with CIC to address the high capital equipment, time to market, and facilities needs of scientists and entrepreneurs working in the carbon dioxide to value industry. Brandon is a 2013 Kauffman Foundation Global Scholar, where he studied hard science & engineering commercialization at MIT, Harvard, UI-UC and Stanford. He holds several patents in the carbon dioxide space. He is a graduate of the DOE:EERE NGA and holds a MS in finance, an MS in business administration from Tulane University, MSc (6CR) in Geochemistry and a BS in Chemical Engineering with focus in chemistry & computer science at LSU. Work experience includes technology scouting for Sempra Energy, director of engineering for LACI/LADWP, process engineering at Hess/PDVSA, lab manager, blender, oil-movements and engineer for Murphy Oil. Publications include Princeton BT on endowments & BP 252.