Member Value: For entrepreneurs, Texas Innovates alongside with the Centers will provide seamless access to hardware, infrastructure, and a supporting ecosystem. Companies will join at any stage and get access to infrastructure and services quickly and cost-effectively as they grow. Stretching invested dollars allows for focusing on reducing key technology risks and getting early adopters onboard, which are key ingredients for successful hard-tech technology commercialization efforts. Co-located corporate sponsored innovation can easily work with start-ups, as well as have their own secure dedicated lab space. Flexible housing, adjacent to the TIC, will ease bringing people into the Houston, and help anchor the community. Overall, Texas Innovates and the Centers will create a community that fosters cross-company innovation, grows more successful start-ups, and delivers significant collaboration and savings opportunities for corporate members.

Membership Model: By partnering with the Texas Innovates or the various Centers,  partners and members get access to de-risked companies and an actively engaged community. The Centers will facilitate best practice sharing and collaboration, while ensuring operational risk reduction and safety practices. Membership will be based on a multi-year capital and operating budget commitment, as well as provision of donated or leased equipment. Cornerstone members will have further benefits.