The Greater Houston and Gulf Region needs an integrated “Carbon and Hydrogen Innovation & Learning Incubator” (CHILI) to align and drive innovation to the HyVelocity program and other large-scale decarbonization plans.

As part of the Houston Hydrogen Ecosystem, we recognize the need to provide high-quality services for hydrogen and CCUS startups that can help them overcome the technical, regulatory, and market barriers they face. We believe that our partnerships with Texas Universities, Technology Non-Profits, and Energy Corporations can fill this gap and create a pipeline of innovative solutions that can contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

CHILI will co-locate within a community of corporations, NGOs, city partners, and academia at our University Partner, the ION, and Greentown Labs to increase collaborative opportunities. CHILI will partner to attract and incubate top early-stage H2 Ecosystem entrepreneurs through its deep network of incubators throughout the USA.  CHILI will be active in 2024  to incubate an annual Cohort of early-stage start-ups and give students and faculty opportunities to work collaboratively with them.

Hardware Incubation

Program Partner Providing Lab Access at TRL 3-6 (Confidential)



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