We’re not creating your “typical” co-working space. At Texas Innovates, we will foster a culture of community and collaboration that helps a decarbonization and hydrogen ecosystem of startups grow. We seek to work with companies from early-stage labs, beginning prototyping, closed a Series A venture rounds, and those starting to scale.
At Texas Innovates , we provide members with a curated suite of resources and tools through our robust Partner Network. Check out the Member Resources Page to learn more about the space, tools, connections and software available to Texas Innovates member companies.

The planned downtown Velasco Campus, which we are promoting as a key part of Houston’s Energy Innovation Future, features an Innovation Center, alongside a micro-apartment and retail center that integrates:

  1. A new high density live-work-play community, based on a healthy lifestyle and green low impact living/mobility, with up to 500 residents onsite
  2. The existing local community with open green public spaces, high quality services, affordable housing, and a growing base of new-collar technology jobs

The LEED Platinum Campus includes a power exporting microgrid, water reuse, integrated flood management green spaces and urban agriculture. The design promotes green mobility, especially biking, and growing Houston’s connected green spaces. In case of future extreme weather events, the resilient Campus will serve as a city emergency center.

Texas Innovates will manage the site, providing shared equipment and lab services, and incubation for venture backed and local entrepreneurs. The technology focus areas, and corporate co-location opportunity, will bring the best global startups to Houston, creating benefits for the community and maintaining Houston’s position as the energy capital of the world into the next century.

The proposed program of laboratories, agricultural space, offices, commercial and retail space, and short and long-term residential showcases a cross-section of diverse disciplines and users. The physical arrangement of this program is also designed to provide diversity in the form of spatial arrangements (plazas, courtyards, rooftop gardens, boulevards, park space) to encourage a variety of uses and users. No clear distinction is made between private/public zones, rather they are intertwined to create a dialogue between the building and the surrounding area. With the planned development of properties across the bayou, a pedestrian (or vehicular) bridge would further connect the site to a greater number of potential users.

The design is developed with attention to community needs for green space, artistic collaboration with existing strong Hispanic community and a need for a development that can remediate contaminants on the ground and prevent runoff into the Bayou. Site improvements integrate wetlands, detention pond that doubles up as outdoor amphitheater during dry months and promotes open landscaped spaces for artistic intervention from the community enhancing their historic roots. Sizable area on the elevated podium is allocated for community garden for both the inhabitants of Texas innovates campus as well as its neighbors to grow local food produce. The balconies on the 18-story high rise overlooks the plaza and wetlands on eastern side, downtown view on western side and a panoramic view of the bayou on the north, east and western side of the building. The bioswales encourage the growth and sustainability of the natural habitat. The design integrates inside-out of indoor and outdoor environment with thoughtfully folded form and projections resulting in creatively bringing the nature into the built form. The green walls and green roofs not only keep the building cool but also encourages growth of local/regional flora. The building in raised on podium and all services are elevated from ground to avoid flood damages.


NETWORK: Joining the Texas Innovates community provides access to fellow entrepreneurs who are willing to share experiences, our network of angel investors, venture capital firms and corporate strategic partners.

EDUCATION: Texas Innovates companies will have access to on-site resources that include weekly office hours, lunch & learns, and seminars on a broad range of topics that are essential to either running a business or improving your technical expertise. These will include expert discussions and trainings from partners on specific tools and resources available to Texas Innovates members.

EVENTS: Texas Innovates will hosts a variety of events and programs, and actively collaborate with the Ion and Greentown Labs.


MACHINE SHOP: Texas Innovates companies working on prototypes will have access to an extensive community machine shop located on our prototyping floor. Training and certification (provided on-site) are required to access the equipment.

SOFTWARE: Texas Innovates companies will have access to software provided by our sponsors.

SPONSORED SERVICES: Professional legal services, marketing/PR consulting, IT services, HR services, graphics and design, real estate and liability insurance are examples of additional resources that will be provided through our Partner Network.


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